Birthday Cakes Sydney

Birthday Cakes Sydney: Because You Know You Deserve It

Many years ago, the celebration was fondly known as Kinderfest for children, and there was a cake for the event, but these creations were nothing like the spectacular birthday cakes Sydney we see today.

History experts claim the very first birthday cakes showed up with the Germans during the Middle Ages. The cakes were in a rustic form with a bread-like texture and density.

Before the 1700s, cakes marking one’s date of birth were far and few between, unless families were wealthy. One had to pay expensive amounts for the refined sugars which were hard to get, along with other ingredients that we take for granted today, when enjoying slices of getfoodi birthday cakes Sydney.

As the Industrial Revolution spread across America in 1760, the cake technology and materials improved greatly and became cheaper to produce. Soon, the public around the world was picking up on this wonderful celebratory tradition. Birthday cakes were fun, getting tastier and showing up at birthday parties.

When it comes to Aussies buying delicious birthday cakes Sydney, the sky is the limit for every person of every age. In Australia, like the UK and North America, candles play a key role in the celebration of birthday cakes Sydney. The number of candles placed on the cake is equal to the age of the individual celebrating the birthday. Some folks like to add one extra candle for luck. Then, the birthday boy or girl makes a wish and blows out the candles.

Today, birthday cakes can be decorated and shaped into just about anything imaginable, thanks to the advanced techniques, bakery tools and food products available.

Cake design is a huge business for bakeries producing birthday cakes Sydney. The de-constructed cake has become a hot trend for folks who prefer something a bit different and bizarre-looking. The deconstructed cake wears its filling on the outside, and then drippy ganaches enhance the form with plenty of candy add-ons.

Tasty birthday cakes Sydney also offer popular flower rings. Instead of the standard icing flower clusters, bakers create birthday cakes Sydney with amazing-looking floral crowns, wreaths and hanging vines made of icing halos.

Watercolor birthday cakes Sydney remain super popular, and we can see why. The cakes are adorned with soft, gradient pastel colors that seem to float around the cake in a dreamy, melting manner.

Whatever incredibly delicious birthday cakes Sydney one chooses, the tradition to celebrate remains timeless.

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